Meetings start at 17:30 on the third Wednesday in October to March Inclusive.

Welcome to Masons Tenerife North

An Invitation from the Worshipful Master

The Worshipful Master of Lodge Teide No. 34 welcomes you to our web site and hopes that those of you who are already Masons will come and visit us, you will be made very welcome and don't worry about regalia, we can supply it.

If you are not yet a Mason consider joining us, we are a very friendly Lodge and you will be in good company, see Famous Masons.

For further information contact our Secretary.

W. Bro. David Harmer

Worshipful Master

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Lodge Secretary

Lodge Teide 34 Meets at

The El Tope Hotel

Puerto de la Cruz


Lodge Secretary

W. Bro Don Oliver

Tel: +34 922 382 431


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What is Freemasonry and why is Freemasonry good for society?
What is Freemasonry? – free·ma·son·ry. Definition: One of the worlds oldest secular fraternities. It is an organisation of men who believe that the worth of a man can be measured . . . not by wealth or by fame, but by his deeds, character and by his love for others. Freemasonry is a mutual society concerned with the moral and spiritual well-being of its members and their families. Unlike other mutual organisations which are often geared towards the social and financial security of their members, it is a secular society of like minded men from all faiths and backgrounds who follow a moral and ethical approach to life, a society where religious and political discussion in a Lodge is forbidden.  Lodge meetings are normally followed by a formal meal which we call a Festive Board, and there are also a number of social functions throughout the year that include wives, partners and friends.

Would you like to know more?  Contact our Secretary

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